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New mini-ET in the making December 15, 2014

Posted by Tom Froese in Technical.

Adam Spiers is currently developing a mini version of the Enactive Torch. In addition to the smaller design, this ET features a new output modality in addition to vibration: skin stretching. A pilot study comparing these two modalities is currently being planned.

Mini Enactive Torch

In the above photo the new skin-stretch output can be seen below the user’s thumb.

The existing version of the Enactive Torch will continue to be available from Creative Robotics. Note that only the full-sized version has the complete data recording and transfer capabilities.



1. Michel Witter - October 9, 2015

Any conclusions yet from the ‘skin-stretching’ version and/of technical spes available?

Tom Froese - October 9, 2015

Dear Michel, many thanks for your question. Unfortunately the study continues to be in the planning stages. However, at least we are making progress. The study is hopefully going to take place in the coming months under the direction of Luis H. Favela of the University of Central Florida. Regarding the new design, please contact Ad Spiers at Yale University.

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