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How do I obtain an Enactive Torch? October 26, 2011

Posted by Tom Froese in General.
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When demonstrating the Enactive Torch at various public events we frequently receive inquiries about the possibility of obtaining ETs for research purposes.

The About page has now been updated to give information about the 3 ways in which you can get your hands on an Enactive Torch (for non-commercial purposes only):

  1. You can build an Enactive Torch given the information provided by Creative Robotics Ltd
  2. You can contact us to receive an Enactive Torch on a short loan
  3. You can contact us to buy an Enactive Torch at cost price

Our hope is that this will facilitate the spread of enactive interfaces and thereby raise awareness about the need for designing technology with consciousness in mind.


General updates October 14, 2011

Posted by Tom Froese in General, Presentations, Publications.
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New references have been added to the Publications, Presentations, and Literature pages.

More updates coming soon!

Evolution of the Torch October 13, 2011

Posted by Ad Spiers in Uncategorized.
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The image gallery has been updated with images of all 5 Enactive Torch Prototypes, from 2007 to 2011.