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Talk: Enacting your body? January 18, 2011

Posted by Tom Froese in Presentations.
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An abstract based on the first set of psychological experiments with the Enactive Torch, which were recently conducted at MIC, University of Limerick, has been accepted as a concurrent talk at this year’s Toward a Science of Consciousness conference in Stockholm, Sweden (May 1-8, 2011).

Enacting the body? Use of distal-to-tactile sensory substitution interface does not lead to extension of body image

Tom Froese, Marek McGann, and Anil K. Seth

There is a growing amount of evidence in the cognitive sciences documenting a variety of profound personal and sub-personal transformations entailed by practical tool-use (see Maravita and Iriki 2004). In the neurosciences there is well-known evidence that tools can be incorporated into the body schema during usage. For example, distant object manipulation with rakes leads to an extension of the body schema for the arm (Iriki, et al. 1996). In psychology related effects have been observed in terms of the body image and object perception. For example, when sighted subjects had to complete tasks involving the use of elongated tools, and were subsequently blind-folded and then tapped on their arm, they consistently misjudged the position of the tactile sensations as if their arm had become extended during tool-use (Cardenali, et al. 2009).