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New Enactive Torches unveiled October 19, 2010

Posted by Tom Froese in General.
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Thanks to an immense coordination effort involving Anil Seth, Bill Bigge, Adam Spiers, Marek McGann and myself we have finally managed to complete the next generation of Enactive Torches and started some psychological experiments.

The new ETs have been designed by Bill Bigge, who switched the controller for an Arduino for ease of programming and created a printed-circuit board in order to make the assembly of additional units more affordable and faster. The rest of the new ET mostly follows the design of the ones previously designed by Adam Spiers and Tom Froese (e.g. distance sensor, vibro-tactile output, bluetooth connectivity, accelerometers, hand-held design).

Two additional difference is that the ultrasonic sensors have been replaced by infrared sensors, as we found these to give more reliable distance measurements. Also, in order to prevent the vibro-tactile response from interfering with the accelerometers, Bill has placed the motors on a velcro strap that can be placed on the arm away from the device.

We are in the middle of writing up the first batch of experiments, so I won’t say more about that just yet. In the meantime here are some pictures of the new Enactive Torches.