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Toward a PCB February 11, 2010

Posted by Tom Froese in General.
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There’s been a long silence on this blog, but in the background the activity has been ongoing. There was some extensive discussion about whether the Enactive Torch could play a supporting role in a funded project on immersive performance art, but for various reasons this did not happen in the end.

At the same time, Bill Bigge at the University of Sussex has taken on the task of developing a printed circuit board (PCB) for the latest version of the Enactive Torch. The idea is that once this is done it will be much cheaper and easier to build additional devices.

There’s also talk about starting a series of psychological experiments on the long-term effects of Enactive Torch usage. In particular it would be interesting to get a more accurate phenomenological description of the developing perceptual experience.

More updates to follow as they become available!