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Test_Lab at V2_ January 21, 2008

Posted by Tom Froese in Presentations.

We are going to be presenting and demonstrating the Enactive Torch during Test_Lab on the 21st of Feb. at V2_ in Rotterdam. For more information about V2_ please click here.



1. garethrwhite - February 14, 2008

Hi Ad.

Thanks for commenting on my Second Life blog.

You’re absolutely right about the differences between the Falcon and the Torch; I didn’t mean to suggest that the Falcon was superior, so I’m sorry for giving that impression. In fact I mentioned the Haptic Torch because it was an inspiration for the work I’m doing now. It’s clearly a great device for the real world and I was trying to identify interaction techniques that I could borrow and translate into the virtual world.

I’d definitely like to meet you in March and try out a torch, as I’m sure would the rest of the Interact lab. A lot of people here do work on accessibility so it would be great to arrange a meeting where you give us an intro and demo of your work.

Drop me an email (g.white) at university (sussex.ac.uk) and we’ll discuss it further.


2. tomfroese - February 29, 2008

The talk on the Enactive Torch for Test_Lab: Multimodal at V2_ in Rotterdam is now available online:

Live stream

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